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About two weeks ago, we signed with PARMA Recordings.  We’ll be recording and releasing our first album in 2016. More about PARMA soon! but in the meantime check out their website and blog announcing our addition to their roster of artists here.

Many people have asked us why we haven’t had a CD before this. After all, people sell their own CDs in the subway and on street corners. It can’t be that hard to do.

Perhaps we’ve just been a bit overly cautious, but as a group, we like to have a plan. Recording is a big deal. Anyone who has done it will tell you that going into the studio is an expensive and often stressful process. One better be ready before going in.

Personally I like to have a plan. Not to say I never do anything on the spur of the moment, but with big things, I like to know where we are going and what we are doing before starting. I feel pretty confident in saying Matt and Suzanne feel the same way.

So it was important to us to have a label before we went into the studio. We know of too many great projects that have spent years on hold while their creators tried to get the attention of a label. Or else the artist has to produce and distribute on their own. Bless the musician that has the time and wherewithal to make it happen on their own. It’s a huge undertaking, one we simply don’t have the time to do.

And there’s the changing industry. How people buy and consume music continues to change so rapidly. There are so few physical places to even buy music. And how many people even buy actual CDs anymore?

I know I sound like some old grumpy fart. Of course I do live in a home with a few hundred vinyl recordings and, yes, a reel to reel recorder. (Anyone want a reel to reel?)

So all this is a long way of saying how excited we are to partner with PARMA. Having a great label, with the knowledge of production and marketing takes such a a weight off of us. Now we can focus on what we should — performing great works.

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