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On the Gowanus Canal

This coming Thursday, July 10, we are heading back to Peter Karl’s studio in Gowanus, (or North Park Slope adjacent, if you prefer), Brooklyn, to work on our debut CD for PARMA Recordings.

This is our second recording session this summer. Our first session took place in early June, when we recorded Martin Rokeach’s Going Up?. We’ve been very fortunate to have an old friend and colleague, John Frisch, handling the role of producer for us. Over the years, we’ve all come to the realization that you can’t be all things at all times. Smart doctors don’t diagnose themselves, lawyers normally engage another attorney if they need someone to represent them in court – one really shouldn’t cut one’s own hair. So, while all three of us have good ears in our heads and are capable of judging whether or not we have gotten our best performance, it is a thousand times easier with an objective person in the studio. John, along with Peter Karl, helped facilitate the last session seamlessly, but in addition to the time in the studio, we’ve actually gotten quite a bit more then we had hoped for. John has studied the scores, attended our rehearsals and really been pushing us to take our performances, both individually and collectively, to the next level. It’s been an exciting and sometimes exhausting process.

On Thursday we will record Peter Jonah Korn’s Aloysia Serenade, a significantly longer work. One of the hard parts about recording,versus performing, is stamina. Recording a twenty minute piece can take four hours. It’s easy to hit a wall or get stuck on stupid. Pacing is going to be key. And food! As readers of this blog know from past entries, food is very important to all three of us. After I complete this blog, I’ll be researching what is good to eat nearby to Peter’s place. (already thinking of Pad Thai…)

Meanwhile, enjoy a few candid photos from our last outing.


Suzanne consults with John between takes

photo 2

Engineer Peter Karl, still smiling. Must have been early in the day!

photo 1

John consults the score during playback


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