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I was thinking back to my first blogs and they were always about food.  What we ate, where we ate.  I haven’t ventured there recently, but as we were dinning on a delicious lunch post-rehearsal, it occurred to me that it was still very important to us.

Generally, we rehearsal in the morning and rehearsals are normally three hours.  By the time we finish, it is lunch time.  Actually, that is usually how we know it is time to stop.  One of us, often Matt, announces that we are either tired, or hungry or both.  The we go through the laborious debate of where to go.  This year we’ve had to think a bit more about time, as Suzanne is teaching on the Far East side and she needs to allow time to get there –can’t be late for the budding flutists!

So we debate the options. Mexican is a favorite, but lately we have been hitting Sushi more frequently.  Yummy, healthy and on the way to the subway.

But today, the plan was to go for Mexican. Of course, we weren’t the only people with this brilliant idea on a Friday in Hell’s Kitchen. Our favorite joint was full, full, full, so we went for plan B.

Plan B was Alfies, a beer pub, with a huge beer list, (not that useful for lunch) and excellent food.  At night and especially on the weekends, Alfies is filled with hip, twenty something’s, many of whom can not hold their liquor, but at lunch time it is fairly quiet.  One can have a nice lunch and discuss trio business all at the same time.

Okay, so we don’t always discuss business over lunch.  Often we tell stories and gossip.  In between we plot our world takeover, I mean our recording session and concert plans.

So first the review.  We recommend Alfies.  Good beer, even if I
didn’t have any today.  I had a delicious watermelon salad, while Matt had yummy fish and chips. and Suzanne had a grilled cheese sandwich. I know you are thinking,”grilled cheese –  how coffee shopish”, but you would be wrong.  The fancy gastropub is all the rage here in the West 50′s. Taking your basic comfort item and elevating it to gourmet height. Suzanne reported it to be nice and light and since she ate all of it, I can only assume was lovely.

I should say that Alfies is where I ate after last years NYC Marathon.  I thought about their ribs for a least the last ten miles of the race. Sadly, they have taken them off the menu.

And we did get a little work done, discussing some possible summer concerts, editing decisions from our recording sessions and such.  But truth be told, lunch is really about having a good meal and nice hang together.

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