New realities

I gave my now remote college classes a short writing assignment. It was all about what music they are listening to in this time of stress.  I decided I would post a contribute too, and so I wrote this: It’s been about a little over a week since the college closed and moved to remote

Fall Recap – Part II

And now, massively overdue, is the next installment of my Fall recap!  I thought I should get it posted before we got to the summer. To Cuba!  On Nov. 1st, we packed our bags and headed to JFK for an early morning flight.  Joining us on this second sojourn to Havana was composer Pamela Sklar

Fall Recap 1

My first day back teaching college after our trip to Cuba, a student asked me if I had a good vacation.  I was…not pleased, to say the least. But, I took a deep breathe and explained that playing three concerts in six days is not a vacation,  nor would Professors miss a week of class in

And We’re Off!

Last night, we kicked off the new season with a fabulous Groupmuse house concert on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Literally steps from Lincoln Center, we performed a program for about 25 people in a lovely, intimate setting.  For those who don’t know, Groupmuse is an organization that helps pair musicians and house concerts