Check it twice

The Washington Post recently wrote an editorial saying the Summer is over-rated. It’s possible that’s true. What is summer really? – A time when it’s really hot!! For many of us, summer is when we envision getting a lot done. We make lists and once made, they are hard to escape. The “list” is that

Pop, pop,pppppop

Spring is popping up all over… or in our case, 8SW is popping up, which is definitely better then pooping out. Over the last season and a bit, we have had two Pop Up concerts, and we’re doing it again to celebrate the end of our 2018-19 season. The Pop Up concerts happen in a


Welcome to our revamped website! Having a website that functions on every conceivable platform is a necessity today.  But as we launch this one, it has give me a chance to think back.  When we came together 20 years ago (or is it 21? 19?) the thought of needing a website didn’t exist.  Our first
It’s a tough time to be a classical musician. Of course, it always has been.  When I started conservatory, everyone was upset that the opportunities for American string players to work in Europe were drying up.  And then there were funding cuts!  Many were worried (rightfully so) about cuts to the NEA.  Five years later,