Recordings by Eight Strings & a Whistle

Albert’s Window

featured in Culture Catch’s Best Classical Albums of 2015 and in Klasikairdziazas’s Top 5 blog. Albert’s Window, our debut album was released on Ravello Records in November, 2015.

Available internationally

“...diverse and high-level repertoire...executed with mastery and confidence ...”

Filippo Focosi 
about Albert's Window English translation

“I enjoyed all the performances on the album very much as the group plays with extraordinary ensemble, subtlety and humor.  The players complement each other very well matching sound, articulation, emotion, and dynamics in a way that draws the listener in and illuminates the musical ideas of the composers.  I enjoyed learning more about these composers and their stories, and I enjoyed hearing their music-- they are all worth a deeper exploration.”

Barbara Siesel The Flute View

“… a very gratifying recording form beginning to end….Going Up? [is] a really, truly wonderful recording. All the tiny details are strong, you all sound great individually, the instruments interact with each other seamlessly and cooperatively, and each and every phrase is played with understanding and creates a forward trajectory. As a result, the experience of the whole captures the deep spirit of the piece.”

Martin Rokeach, composer, San Francisco, California

“Just listened to Albert’s Window straight through on my big studio monitors with the volume high. Congratulations to you all! It is sheer perfection. A magnificent achievement.”

Merrill Clark, composer, New York, New York

“This is a wonderful piece of work and it’s so rewarding to hear you guys in this fashion. The recording crisply displays all the complex textures and finer points of interplay and balance shining through in ways that (for me and my hearing, at least) are often muted to some degree in a live performance (which instead offers the benefits of immediacy and personal engagement in the moment). Albert’s Window is a fine way to enjoy your great taste and artistry in a new dimension and appreciate what you bring to our lives that much more fully.”

Gordon Lutz Holden, Maine

“Mighty cool stuff, played with precision and style.”

96 Strings and 2 Whistles

A collaboration with pianist Beth Levin, performing the music of Scott Brickman. Release on Ravello Records in August, 2016.

Available internationally

Chamber Symphonies 2, 3 & 4

You can hear us perform Douglas Anderson’s Chamber Symphony No. 3, composed for us in 2001.

Released on Ravello Records in January, 2016.

Available internationally

“The performances are excellent.”

Grego Applegate Edwards Gapplegate Classical-Modern Review


You can hear us perform Grammy-nominated composer Dawn Avery's, Hi'iaka 
released on Okenti Records in 2008.